Art Basel Miami Beach 2018

Oo Nippon (Oh Japan!)
Senchimentaru no Tabi. (Sentimental Journey)
Entering Paradise
I Mille Fiumi Pi√π Lunghi del Mondo (Progetto) (Classifying the thousand longest rivers in the world)
I Mille Fiumi Pi√π Lunghi del Mondo (Progetto) (Classifying the thousand longest rivers in the world)
Hommage à Kelly
Ode à la Bièvre
Image Par Images
La Conquête de l'espace, (The conquest of space), Atlas
La Conquête de l'espace, Atlas à l’usage des artistes et des militaires, (The conquest of space, atlas for the use of artists and the military)
To the extend of / \ | &
Xiuquilla/Blue milk weed
Les Sept péchés capitaux (Seven Deadly Sins)
Don Quixote de la Mancha
La Llave de la Carretera
Key to the Laboratory of Doubt
TRUISMS (selections from 1977-79)
Nude Theater
Eine Nachlese
Puro Teatro
Drypoint on Acid
Meu Bem
Earth Works and Desert Projects 1973 - 1976

The Bedouins are the real artists of life; a folk without architects, without physicians, engineers. They are the architects of themselves…
Back to the primal game of the child with sand
Ubu Roi
Nippon Gekijo Shashincho (Japan A Photo Theater)
Cio che non ha limiti e che per sua stessa natura non Ammette limitazioni di sorta, (What doesn't have limits and what of his own nature does not allow limitation of any kind)
Svolegere la propria pelle (Developing One's Own Skin)
Cento mostre nel mese di ottobre (One Hundred Exhibitions in October)
Stundenbilder (Hourly Photographs)
Book HB (2. Aufl.)
Book AA
Kinderbuch, Children's Book
Set of 16 books from Henry Hopkins
Steiner Book Series/ Tangram 1
Tangram number progression on yellow, white and black
Orange Book
Still Life
Jeux de trames (Play of Patterns)
Kitarubeki Kotoba no Tameni. For a Language to Come
OO! Shinjuku
Octavio Paz, Eight Poems, Cy Twombly, Ten drawings
Four Short Stories(4 parts)
The Three Gorges Dam
Rules of Raugh